Why the Patriots See the Dolphins as a Threat

Maddie Meyer/Getty

With the draft inching its way over, and the Dolphins QB question taking the national spotlight, the Patriots continue to ride along under Bill Belichick despite the loss of “Tompa Brady.” Since TB12’s decision to take his talents elsewhere, the New England Patriots have been linked to multiple high level QB’s in this year’s draft. From reported interest in Justin Herbert to Jordan Love, and now even Tua Tagovailoa, is Bill Belichick a threat to take his next replacement for Tom Brady?

Not yet. There is one clear reason for that, they believe in Jarrett Stidham enough to give him a shot to start, and worst case plug in someone they at least trust to know what to do in Brian Hoyer. Will this make them nearly as competitive down the stretch compared to years past? No.

The reason for this is the loss of talent their roster has felt, specifically on the defense. For that reason, in order to continue their tradition of consistent success with team play and good coaching, they will need to fill out the roster to help supplement their Quarterback. That’s what they did with Brady at the start of his career, and that’s what they will try with Stidham, for now. They will likely take a stab at QB with either one of their three 3rd round picks, or potentially in the 4th round. They are not trading up, they just don’t possess the capital to make it worth it. Barring a slide, this is unlikely.

So why is New England meeting and getting to know all these QB’s so intimately? Taking zoom meetings and diving into their football knowledge, building a profile of their current strengths and weaknesses to assess their trajectory and adjust accordingly in a few years time, because they know they will be facing one of these signal callers as their division rival (who knocked out their chances at home field in the playoffs) is likely to scoop one up.

Their recent interest in Justin Herbert and Jordan Love does not point to them being interested in taking them at 23, or losing their scarce assets to move up, it means they too are hearing and learning of Miami’s interest and doing their due diligence in seeing the merit of these claims.

What is clear right now is this, no one knows what either of these front offices are thinking, but whoever Miami selects with in the first round will no doubt have been heavily researched and looked into by New England prior. That is how smart teams stay winning. That is what Brian Flores and Chris Grier have begun to act as well. The Patriots likely recognize this and their keen eye on the top QB’s available despite their likely intentions points to them also trying to decipher Miami’s actions.

What do you think? Will the Patriots draft a Quarterback early in the 2020 NFL Draft? Or are they just trying to get a sense of the market and learn who these QB’s are? Let us know in the comments below.