Tua Outduels Kyler as Phins defeat Birds 34-31

Palm Beach Post

Hey NFL, say hello to Tua Tagovailoa.

In what was perhaps the most entertaining game of the season, the Miami Dolphins travelled to Arizona who were coming off of a bye and managed a 34-31 victory. The win came on the back of an amazing performance from rookie QB Tua Tagovailoa. He shined and showed consistency as well as elusiveness, something many people were worried may never return following his hip injury.

The game was back and forth with two young Quarterbacks showing why their franchises invested so heavily in them. Kyler Murray is nearing an elite level gunslinger. He finished the game throwing for 21/26, 283 yards, and 3 TD tosses. He was deadly on the ground as well, finishing the game with 106 yards on the ground.

However, despite his stats and eye popping runs, Tua was the hero of this game. He finished passing for 20/28, 248 yards, and 2 TD’s. He also managed 38 yards on 7 carries. More than just the stats, Tua showed grit and poise. He was precision on his throws, confident in his reads, and showed his ability to make plays off schedule.

Miami now sits at 5-3 at the halfway point, positioned very well going down the stretch. At the moment, the team holds the final wildcard spot in the playoff picture. Next week the Dolphins will be playing Justin Herbert and the L.A. Chargers as they try to extend their 4 game winning streak.