The Miami Dolphins Continue to BEEF UP Their LINEBACKING CORPS for 2021 | PhinsPod Ep. #42

In order to save what we now realize was much needed cap room, the team parted ways with Kyle Van Noy. This void at the linebacker position required Miami to find value pieces in return in order to make up what was lost. To do this, Miami has brought in Duke Riley from the Philadelphia Eagles, as well as Brennan Scarlett from the Houston Texans. In this episode, we discuss the two backers and what they bring to the defense. We talk about who will step up to replace Van Noy and what that will leave in its wake. In the Pod, we also cover the release of Isaiah Wilson, formerly of the Tennessee Titans. The tragic story of a young career lost is never fun, and unfortunately the Dolphins lose out on a potentially gifted athlete in the process. We talk about all that in more in this edition of the PhinsPod! Let’s dive in!