The Emergence of Adam Shaheen

Michael Reaves/Getty

Perhaps no player is a better representation of what Brian Flores hopes to make his team. A franchise that finds talent, gets it, and maximizes it to help the Dolphins win. Adam Shaheen went from a throw way piece for a team needing weapons to a potential long term answer at tight end.

Now, Shaheen will not be usurping Mike Gesicki considering they each possess different roles in the passing and running game. Although Gesicki is 6’6 and 240 pounds, Shaheen is 6’7 and about 260. That extra weight allows him to be more of a force in the blocking game which has earned him meaningful snaps for the Dolphins.

The flashes he is showing look promising when compared to what the Bears hoped he could be when they selected him in the 2nd round of the 2017 NFL Draft. He was taken out of a small school, Ashland, but he dominated during his time there (just take a look for yourself).

Shaheen possesses physical traits that make him a weapon in the red zone. This has become clear with his back to back touchdown game performances. His reliable hands combined with his size allow him to be a weapon on underneath routes or down the seam. Paired with Gesicki who can stretch the field in more ways, Shaheen serves as a good compliment who can set up as more of an in-line option.

Hopefully, with the insertion of Tua, Shaheen will see more passes his way. If he becomes a factor in the offense, then things will become even more open for the outside receivers as well as Mike Gesicki himself.

What do you think of Adam Shaheen’s performance over the last few weeks? Is he a potential long term option as tight end #2 for the future? Or should the Dolphins continue to look for a playmaking option?