Miami Drafts Skill Player, Navy’s Malcolm Perry

Matt Slocum/AP

After focusing entirely on building up the trenches and support for the new face of the franchise Tua Tagovailoa, the Dolphins decided to add some talent on the exterior. They decided to go with not your average weapon either.

In the 7th round, and with their final pick of the 2020 NFL Draft, Chris Grier decided to select Navy’s Quarterback, and Running Back, and Slot Receiver, and pretty much the offense in Malcolm Perry.

Perry is going to need some time to transition and find a role in the offense, but his versatility is something the Dolphins covet. He will likely need time to bulk up and refine his route running abilities, but at Navy, the 5’9 and 185 pound Perry was dynamic. Much like Julian Edelman who was a also initially a QB in college, Perry can learn a new position and use his knowledge of the game to carve out a role for himself in Miami’s offense.

It is clear too that his character brought him to South Beach. Navy, a team filled with men of honor and integrity, selected the Senior to be their team captain, a role of very high regard in the program. He saw reps all over the field and provides Chan Gailey many options with how to best use him. Finding a spot on the roster may be tough for the 7th round pick, but if his rise to where he is says anything, there is no point doubting Malcolm Perry. It will be exciting to watch what he can do in this offense if given a chance to contribute.