Miami Building a Wall, Select OG Solomon Kindley

There is a clear theme with the Dolphins 2020 NFL Draft, and that is building up the trenches. After being at the bottom of the league in both run offense and defense, the team is looking to improve upon that very quickly.

The Dolphins drafted a big man to help solidify the interior of the offensive line in Georgia’s Solomon Kindley. Kindley played alongside 4th overall pick Andrew Thomas, resulting in him facing many stunts and pressures against high caliber SEC defenses. At 6’3 and 337 pounds, the Georgia alum is a prototypical guard. Although he wont’ be asked to start immediately, his experience in college will help him develop much quicker than other late picks in the Draft.

He does struggle with quicker defender, something the NFL has far more of than even the SEC, but if coached up Miami may have found someone who can contribute far earlier than expected.