Miami Beefs Up O-Line, Select Robert Hunt

With the Dolphins first of two 2nd round selections, the team decided to continue to provide protection to their future franchise Quarterback by selecting offensive lineman Robert Hunt.

Hunt is a mauler, unlike the smooth athleticism seen in their first lineman selected with Austin Jackson, Robert Hunt enjoys blocking through people. At 6’5 and 323 pounds, Hunt faced lower level talent than many of his peers in this draft, but his high level of play certainly qualified him as the selection here.

Hunt played for the Louisiana-Fayette Ragin’ Cajuns and dominated his opponents. For Miami, he will likely play either on the right side of the line or in the interior. If the team chooses to make him a guard, he will likely need some refinement and time to develop and adjust to playing opposite equally large and powerful men. If, however, the Dolphins decide to keep him at tackle, he can become a solid blindside protector for Tua.

The Dolphins have now selected a QB, CB, and 2 OT’s. There is a theme, and it is clear Miami is looking to bolster their run game as well as pass defense which both struggled mightily last season.