Dolphins Draft Rivals

With the NFL Draft less than TWO WEEKS away, a lot of reports and rumors are beginning to swirl. Namely surrounding the top 10 picks and which Quarterback’s will be selected and by whom. Many beat writers and national media feel the Dolphins have become disillusioned with Tua in favor of some other prospects, namely, Justin Herbert.

We have plenty of time to dig into the potential picks for Miami as the days move on, but first, we must address who the contenders are for signal callers in the 2020 NFL Draft. Plenty of movement in the offseason has likely quelled teams which were previously thought to be slam dunks for QB selections. In order, here are the biggest threats for the Phins in order to land their man.

1. Detroit Lions

The Lions top this list not because they will select a Quarterback, but because they sit in a position to try and hold Miami upside down and empty their thick, THICK pockets. Matthew Stafford is far from the problem in Detroit, and their staff knows it. The short leash they are on coming into this season cannot afford them the opportunity to take a player who needs development. Matt Patricia must win now in order to save his job and he is fully aware, in order to do that the Lions are best suited at taking multiple stabs early in the draft. This is best done by trading down and acquiring more assets while also not losing valuable positioning in the draft.

If the Dolphins know who their guy is, they have more than enough ammunition to make a deal with Detroit to move up and secure their man. The problem comes into play when another team is willing to offer more…

2. Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers are fighting battles on multiple fronts. Not only are they trying to improve as a football team, they also face a market share problem that no other franchise deals with. New York has more than enough room for both the Jets and Giants, but L.A. is a different animal. Football has never been as popular, and the Rams initial success only helped that franchise gain a foothold in the heart’s of many Angeleno’s. The Chargers have to make a splash, and when revenue is threatened organizations can get desperate.

We already know they were on the front lines of trying to sign Tom Brady, but the Buccaneers were able to offer a far more appealing package to the deflator. Although the team is hyping up Tyrod Taylor, the 2011 sixth round pick has never been able to show he is a true franchise QB. No doubt, he can win, and Dolphins fans are more than aware of that fact, but he does not have the clout or play style to excite a fan base needing a jolt (pun intended).

For this reason, the drafting of a Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert may be in the cards. The team can sit the young man they select as they move forward with Taylor for one more season, and when the time is right they can wave their shiny new toy to a fan base who will open up their wallets to see it. Moreover, they will be getting an upgrade at the position which will also help them on the field. For these reasons, the Dolphins must be wary of not only what the Chargers are willing to sacrifice in order to move up, but also who they like at the position. If Miami and Los Angeles are pining for two different prospects, then a trade up may not even be necessary which works in the interest of both teams, but there is no way both sides have been honest with each other at this juncture.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars

The final team the Phins need to worry about is their neighbors in the north. The Jags moved on from Nick Foles this offseason in a trade with the Bears, and many assumed this meant they were all in on Gardner Minshew.

They very well could be, but Minshew has a ceiling and it is clear. He is a pure distributor who does not possess the arm strength to truly develop into an elite arm. Although rooting for the kid is easy, assuming the Jaguars will continue to make the mistake of investing in a less than stellar prospect following the Bortles era would be naive. If he works, he works, but drafting a potential replacement and having an abundance of talent at the position is not something Jacksonville has ever been accused of in the past.

The thing that makes them dangerous is their assets. Along with the Dolphins and Raiders, the Jags also have multiple first round selections. If Miami is not willing to move on their other two first rounders, Jacksonville could easily package 9, 20, as well as a slew of future picks to jump up to 3 with Detroit or even 4 with the Giants.

It is clear that the Dolphins have the ability to outbid each and every one of these teams, but that is not necessarily a good thing. Chris Grier will have to make a tough choice of weighing his belief in a prospect with the amount of assets he may have to give up if forced due to another franchise. For this reason, it will be very important to keep an eye on the movements of these teams as we inch closer to the Draft.

What do you think of the Dolphins chances of landing their guy on April 23rd? Should Miami pay whatever the cost in order to ensure they get their man? Or is there a price that is just too much? Let us know in the comments below!