Could Miami take 4 First Round Players?

Andy Lyons/Getty

The Dolphins look to control the early portion of the draft with their treasure trove of picks. With selections at 5, 18, and 26 there is no doubt Miami can go in many different directions come April 23rd. Many have speculated, including myself, that Chris Grier will likely look to trade back from one of those picks and obtain more assets for the future. Obviously this is hard to guess considering no one knows exactly how the board will fall, but there is a possibility that no one seems to mention.

Would the Dolphins trade back up into the first round and take a fourth player??? Consider this:

Miami is able to land their guy at 5. They then proceed to take the best player available at both 18 and 26. The only problem is that the best players available may not necessarily fit positions of need. Chris Grier’s track record (aside from Charles Harris) is to determine value and make the best decision for the team. Having multiple players who can play at a high level at one position is not a negative, injuries are an inevitability in this league and having quality depth pays significant dividends later in the season.

It is clear that Miami has needs on the offensive line, however, based on the needs of the teams ahead of the Phins there may not be value in taking the 4th or 5th tackle on your board just to fill a need. Instead, taking a player who can make an immediate impact is far better for the long term health of the roster. Hypothetically, Miami is up at 18 but all the tackles they covet in that range are gone. Based on who’s available, there is no perfect match of fit and value. In that case, the Dolphins should absolutely take the best player available and improve their overall roster with competition and depth. No one believes taking a linebacker in the first round makes sense for Miami, or even a receiver, but if there is a potential steal available there is no reason to blink.

One team to watch is the San Francisco 49ers. Following their trade with Indianapolis which sent defensive lineman DeForest Buckner over in exchange for the 13th overall pick, multiple reports have indicated they may be shopping their original selection at 31.. or even 13.

With the abundance of picks Miami possesses, they could make a deal for either #13 or #31 depending on how the top of the draft shakes out. San Francisco does not have any 2nd, 3rd, or 4th round picks. Miami can package a bundle of mid round picks allowing them to secure a high level talent for 5 seasons under contract.

Although this is pure speculation, a move like this could make sense for both sides. The Dolphins are looking to gear up now and continue to infuse the roster with young talent, this is done with high picks in the draft and smart gambles later on. The 49ers need picks, plain and simple. The Dolphins could look to move their later picks to regain assets as well, but having 4 blue chip caliber prospects secured in just one draft would be an incredible haul.

What do you think? Is this a possibility or should Miami preserve their assets and select talent? Would a deal like this make sense? Let us know in the comments below!