Are Dolphins Eyeing a Trade Up?

Mark Brown/Getty

Sun Sentinel Dolphins beat reporter Omar Kelly reported that Miami appeared to be making calls to other teams for a potential trade up. Although a move from selection #5 to #3 may still occur in round one, it appears that Chris Grier is potentially setting the table for a trade up from pick #18.

Based on the draft board, and Miami’s needs, it seems likely this would be for two reasons. Firstly, if Miami is able to nab their Quarterback of the future early in the round, then providing him with protection is paramount. There is a steep drop off in talent form the big 3 to 4 prospects at offensive tackle relative to the rest of the class, and one of those valued lineman will not be waiting at 18 if the board falls the way many expect.

To ensure their securing of either Alabama’s Jedrick Wills, Iowa’s Tristan Wirfs, Georgia’s Andrew Thomas, or Louisville’s Mekhi Becton, the Dolphins will likely need to jump into the top 13 picks if not higher. Leaving round one with a QB, LT, and a potential defensive playmaker seems mouthwatering for the parched Miami Dolphins fan base.

Considering the NFL Draft pick value chart, the team’s 18th overall selection is worth 900 points. The likeliest trade partner would be the San Francisco 49ers (which we discussed as a possibility here) as they hold the 13th overall pick and are in desperate need of assets later on in the draft. The 49ers currently are not in possession of a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th round pick.

Just for the sake of a mental exercise, the 13th pick holds a value of 1150 points. That means Miami would need to make up 250 points, and likely a little more, to entice San Francisco to move back. Thankfully, their need for more picks keeps the negotiations fair. If put in that position, Miami could offer John Lynch and co. their 4th round pick at 70 along with a 5th or multiple later round selections. Pick 70 holds a value of 240 points, so it will likely not be enough to complete a deal, especially with other offers for trade ups likely coming the 49ers’ way.

The other way the Dolphins may want to move up would be in the case that they do not get their guy at the QB position. In this case, Miami may take the other best player available, and at a position of need, the offensive line. This way, Chris Grier will be able to secure his favorite prospect rather than take what is left. The Dolphins can then move up and take Jordan Love at either 13, or potentially later depending on how teams value him when the phones are ringing.

Regardless, the fact that Miami has 3 first round picks and still enough flexibility to move up and down the draft board points to the clear uptick in management. No one knows for certain who Miami will take at this point, not even the Dolphins themselves. However, the way the front office has operated in cohesion with the coaching staff points to a unified decision which they believe will be in the best interest of the franchise. For all our sake’s, let us hope they nail it.

Who do you want to see the Phins nab in the first round? Should the Dolphins consider moving up from 18, or would you rather they trade down to acquire even more future assets? Let us know in the comments below.